This tool called is a smart all-in-one platform for managing meetings. It can capture, organize, and share knowledge before, during, and after meetings. Here are some of its features and benefits:
– Booking pages & invitations: You can sync calendars, create personalized booking pages, and send invitations to team members and guests.
– Built-in video conferencing: You can collaborate on meeting content in real-time with a built-in video call feature.
– Content management & collaboration: You can manage meeting knowledge, create polls, assign actions, and make informed decisions.
– Action tracking and follow-up: There is a dedicated actions page to help streamline meeting follow-up and ensure no tasks are left unfinished.
– Adam the AI meeting assistant: This tool has an AI assistant called Adam that can provide meeting transcripts, highlight important content, convert them into actionable items, and enhance content.
Some ways you can use include:
– For Enterprises: It can help streamline meeting workflows, document meeting knowledge, and ensure follow-up on outcomes across the entire organization.
– For Small Businesses: It can effectively manage meetings and their outcomes, integrating with other tools to save both money and time.
– For Individuals: It can help individuals prepare, run, and follow up on multiple projects. It also allows them to create booking pages that reflect their business image, all at an affordable price. also offers integrations with existing tools, making it easier to incorporate all the tools you already use into your meeting workflow. This tool is used by more than 15,000 powerful teams worldwide and is a smart solution that fits every business need.

Pricing Model: