AI hub


This tool, AI Hub, is really helpful because it has two main features: AI Hub Converse and AI Hub Build. With AI Hub Converse, you can have interactive conversations, ask questions, and get quick answers from different documents and images. It even helps summarize the content for you. On the other hand, AI Hub Build allows you to create your own custom apps for processing documents.
Here are some key features of AI Hub: n- AI Hub Converse: You can have interactive conversations and ask questions to quickly get answers from various document types and images.n- AI Hub Build: You can create your own custom apps for processing documents and extracting information.n- Document Support: It can process different types of content like PDFs, Excel files, legal and government forms, and even images of handwritten documents.n- Prebuilt Apps: There’s a library of prebuilt apps available that can help extract information from common document types.n- Customization: You can tailor the applications to specifically meet your document processing needs.
This tool is useful for professionals and businesses who need to quickly extract information and insights from various document types. It’s also great for individuals or organizations who want to have interactive conversations and get quick answers from their documents. Additionally, developers and solution providers can use AI Hub to build custom apps for document processing and information extraction. AI Hub provides a powerful set of tools and capabilities for understanding and extracting information from documents.

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