AI To Cards


This tool called AI To Cards is really easy to use and it helps you turn any text into flashcards. You can then export these flashcards and use them with popular repetition systems like Anki. It has some cool features like converting the text into flashcards automatically based on the content. You can also customize the flashcards to fit your preferences, like changing the format or adding more information. Once you’re done, you can export the flashcards in a compatible format and import them into your preferred repetition system. AI To Cards is designed to be easy to use, and it uses AI technology to make the process of creating flashcards quick and accurate. It’s really useful for language learners, students studying different subjects, researchers, professionals, or anyone who wants to prepare for exams or tests. Overall, AI To Cards is a user-friendly tool powered by AI that helps you convert any text into flashcards.

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