Introducing this tool called AInvest, which is designed to help you find and analyze stocks. With this tool, you can search for stocks related to ChatGPT and rank them based on a measure called PE ratio. It ensures that the PE ratio is greater than 0, which is an important factor to consider. You can also filter stocks based on different criteria, such as their closing price being below the SMA 20 line, having a MACD golden cross, having a trading volume larger than 1 million, and being in the overbought status according to RSI. There are even more filtering options available.
In addition, this tool allows you to narrow down your search to stocks in the S&P 500 index that have a dividend yield higher than 6%. You can further specify that you want stocks from the information technology sector and with a significant percentage change over the last 20 days, while also setting specific thresholds for price and turnover rate.
Not only that, this tool provides some extra features like tracking the top-performing topics, keeping an eye on the market movers, and giving you access to news and trading tips.

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