This tool, Altered Studio, is a professional software that can change voices using AI technology. It is trusted by big media studios and has some key features and advantages. With this tool, you can transform your voice into any AI voice from a curated selection or even create your own custom voices. It is used by well-known studios like Rebound Sound Company, Rev Rooms, and Gimlet. The tool also provides an enhanced user experience by analyzing data, offering social media features, and personalizing content through the use of cookies.

Altered Studio is useful for different audio production needs. For example, voice actors can use it to create interesting and diverse voice performances using AI voices. Media studios can enhance their audio production by using AI-driven voice alteration. Content creators can add engaging and unique voiceovers to their projects.

In addition, Altered Studio offers other advanced AI audio editing tools. These tools have many benefits, such as reducing background noise, synthesizing voices, and automatically transcribing speech. They can be used in various situations, including editing podcasts. The AI algorithms can automatically remove unwanted noise and improve the audio quality of podcasts. AI-generated voices can also be used for creating voiceovers in different languages and accents. Furthermore, the AI tools can convert spoken words into written text, which makes it easier to create subtitles or transcripts. Overall, Altered Studio provides a powerful solution for creating captivating voice performances using advanced AI voice changing technology.

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