Arsturn AI


This tool called Arsturn is really smart! It looks at your website and learns all about it. Then, it creates a chatbot that can answer any questions your users might have. It has some cool features that make it really useful.

First, it can automatically create a chatbot for your website, so you don’t have to spend time doing it yourself. You can also make the chatbot even better by adding more information and making it more personalized.

Arsturn also has tools that let you see how users are using your website and what they’re looking for. It’s like reading their minds! This can help you make improvements to your site.

And don’t worry about it being complicated to use. Arsturn makes it really easy to add the chatbot to your website.

Some things you can do with Arsturn include improving customer service by having the chatbot answer questions 24/7. It can also handle multiple questions at the same time, which makes things more efficient. And it can take care of routine questions, so your customer service team doesn’t have to.

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