Atmo AI


This tool, called Atmo, uses artificial intelligence and a combination of hardware and software to predict weather with high accuracy for any city, state, or country. Here are some key features and benefits:
– Time Horizon: It can predict weather up to 14 days in advance.n- Spatial Resolution: It provides detailed forecasts for areas as small as 1 square kilometer.n- Spatial Processing: It can process weather data for areas as large as 500 square kilometers every minute.n- Cores: It has millions of processing units to handle complex calculations.n- TDP: It consumes 50 kilowatts of power.n- Moving Parts: It doesn’t have any parts that move, making it more reliable.n- Noise Level: It operates quietly with a noise level of 50 decibels.n- A Better National Forecast: Atmo improves weather forecasts for 4 billion people across 180 countries by doubling the time horizon and increasing the resolution of the forecast.n- Affordable for All Humanity: Atmo ensures that all communities, regardless of their wealth or existing infrastructure, have access to high-quality forecasts.n- Outdoor Supercomputing: Atmo works in extreme temperatures ranging from -30°C to 45°C and doesn’t require a data center or even a roof to function.n- Climate Icon: Atmo, designed by Frank Stephenson, enhances public spaces with its innovative design.n- Innovation: Atmo combines advanced numerical weather prediction techniques with deep neural networks to revolutionize weather forecasting.n- Use Cases: Atmo assists governments in preparing for weather-related disasters, supports economic growth by providing tailored and cost-effective solutions, and helps military organizations anticipate extreme weather for national security purposes.

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