This tool called BlurOn is a plugin for After Effects that makes video editing easier and faster by adding blurring effects. It uses AI technology to automatically find and blur specific objects in videos like faces, bodies, and license plates. Here are some key features: n- AI-Powered Object Detection: It can find and blur objects like faces, bodies, and license plates.n- Efficient Mosaicing: It reduces mosaicing work by up to 90%, saving time and increasing productivity.n- Trusted by Professionals: TV stations and post-production companies use it to make their work easier.n- User Privacy: It collects data safely and anonymously using Cookiebot.n- Seamless Integration: It works as a plugin in After Effects, fitting well into existing workflows.nThis tool is great for TV stations and post-production companies that want to save time and work more efficiently. It’s also useful for video editors who want to focus on other creative aspects of their projects while this tool takes care of the mosaicing work. Professionals in the film and media industry can improve the quality and efficiency of their video editing workflows using BlurOn. Content creators and video editors who work with sensitive information or need to blur objects in their videos regularly can benefit from this tool. By using AI technology, BlurOn automates object detection and blurring, reducing the need for manual work and making video editing faster and more efficient. AI video editing tools offer many advantages such as automated editing, improved visual effects, and time-saving workflows. They can be used in various situations like automatically cutting or editing videos based on predefined criteria, enhancing visual effects with realistic animations and color grading, and creating shorter summaries of longer videos by highlighting key moments.

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