This app, called ChatCAD, is a really unique tool that can help you create 3D models. It works by letting you talk about your design ideas in a normal way, like you’re chatting with a chatbot. Using artificial intelligence, the app understands what you’re saying and turns it into a precise 3D model.
Here are some key features of this tool: n- You can create 3D models by describing your design ideas using everyday language. n- If you want to make changes to your design, all you have to do is describe the changes and the app will automatically update the 3D model for you.n- This tool is made to be easy for people who aren’t very technical. You don’t need complex software knowledge to design and create 3D-printable objects.n- It can work well with other computer-aided design tools and it can save files in commonly used 3D formats.
Here are some examples of how you can use ChatCAD:n- If you’re not a technical person, you can use this app to easily design and create 3D-printable objects.n- If you need to make changes to your design, you can just describe what you want to change and the app will update the 3D model for you.n- If you’re working with a team of designers, engineers, or artists, this app can help you collaborate and work together on 3D models.n- It’s a versatile tool that can be used alongside other computer-aided design workflows.
So if you want to experience the power of ChatCAD, an app that uses artificial intelligence to transform 3D model creation through natural language communication, give it a try!

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