Clippy AI


This Clippy AI tool is a helpful extension for VS Code. It works with OpenAI Codex to assist you with coding. You can send your current code to Codex, along with instructions in plain English. Then, it shows you the suggested changes in a comparison view, making it easy for you to accept or reject them.
Using AI code assistant tools like Clippy AI can bring many advantages. They make coding faster, reduce errors, and improve the quality of your code. You can apply these tools in different situations, such as:
1. Code completion: The AI algorithms suggest relevant snippets of code and automatically complete lines for you. This increases your productivity.n2. Error detection: The AI tools can find syntax errors and potential bugs, helping you fix them early on in the development process.n3. Code optimization: The AI assistants can recommend more efficient ways to write your code, enhancing the overall performance of your software.

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