This tool, called Dasha, is an AI platform that helps developers add realistic voice and text conversations to their apps or products. It works on different platforms like web, mobile, and call centers. Here are some key features:
– AI-as-a-Service Platform: This tool allows developers to add voice and text conversations to their apps easily.n- Single Integration: You can create conversational apps for different platforms using one simple integration process.n- DashaScript: It’s a programming language that helps you create complex conversations that meet high standards.n- Platform Compatibility: This tool works with any platform and programming language that can access the internet and use a microphone and speaker.n- VSCode Extension: It makes it easier to build, manage, and deploy Dasha applications with DashaScript IntelliSense.n- Free Tier: Developers can explore and test Dasha’s capabilities with a free tier.n- Code Samples: You can find example code for different use cases and functions.n- Chat Support: If you need help, there is text chat support available for developers to assist with custom intents and digressions.n nYou can use Dasha to integrate conversational features into web, desktop, and mobile apps. It’s also helpful for enhancing call centers with voice conversations and creating realistic chatbots for customer support. This tool allows you to add voice-activated features to various applications and products. It offers a powerful platform with DashaScript, making it easy to create sophisticated conversational apps for different platforms. You can try it out with the free tier, and they provide code samples and chat support to help you along the way.
AI low-code no-code tools are beneficial because they are easy to use, allow for rapid development, and don’t require extensive programming knowledge. These tools can be used for various purposes, including creating chatbots without coding expertise, automating workflow processes, and simplifying data analysis and visualization for users without technical backgrounds.

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