This tool, called Elicit, is like having a research assistant powered by AI. It uses machine learning to make researching easier and faster. Some of its best features include finding relevant papers even if you don’t use exact keywords, pulling out important information from papers to answer your questions, and also helping with brainstorming, summarizing, and organizing text.
Elicit is beneficial for different types of professionals. Researchers and students can use it to make their research process more efficient. Academics and scientists can quickly find the information they need for their projects. Content creators can use it to improve their work by getting help from AI.
Using AI tools for research has many advantages. It speeds up the discovery process, helps with analyzing data in a more advanced way, and improves collaboration between researchers. Some specific ways Elicit can be used include doing literature reviews more quickly and effectively, analyzing complex datasets to find important patterns, and even predicting potential new drugs and how they may interact, which makes the process of developing drugs faster.

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