This app called ELSA Speech Analyzer is like a virtual English fluency coach. It uses artificial intelligence to give you feedback on how you pronounce words, your intonation, how smoothly you speak, your grammar, and the words you use. It’s made for people who want to get better at speaking English, like professionals and global learners. Here’s what it can do: n- It gives you feedback right away on how you speak, so you can improve quickly.n- It helps you improve your conversational English skills, so you can sound more natural and confident.n- It gives you instant feedback on your speech, and it analyzes it in detail to help you work on specific areas for improvement.n- You can use it in different ways, like practicing alone, having group conversations, giving presentations, or having meetings.n- It’s trusted by professionals and learners who want to be better at English, like executives, team leaders, students, and people looking for job opportunities.nSo, if you’re looking to improve your English skills, whether it’s for your career or just to feel more confident, ELSA Speech Analyzer can be a really helpful tool.

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