Fix My Code


This tool, called Fix My Code, is designed to help developers make their websites or software more accessible for people with disabilities. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze the code and suggest changes that will make the application easier to navigate and interact with. The tool specifically focuses on areas like login forms, popups, and navigation menus to ensure they can be used by individuals with disabilities. User data and code security are a priority, so you can trust that your information is safe. By using Fix My Code, developers can save time and effort by automating the process of improving accessibility. This tool also helps enhance the overall usability and user experience for individuals with disabilities. Prioritizing accessibility not only benefits users with disabilities but also allows developers to reach a wider range of people and create an inclusive online environment. This tool is useful for web developers who want to improve their web applications, software developers who want to make their products more accessible, and development teams who want to meet accessibility standards and regulations. Overall, using Fix My Code can greatly improve the accessibility and inclusivity of your website or software.

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