FoxyMeets is a special tool that helps you stay focused and engaged during meetings without having to take lots of notes. It uses artificial intelligence to summarize important information from your meetings and sends it to your email. You can use it by connecting to your Google Calendar or manually entering the meeting link. It generates short summaries that are usually only 10% of the original meeting time. The tool charges $1.25 for each hour of meetings per user, but you can get a refund for any unused hours. It’s great for professionals who attend many meetings and don’t want to spend a lot of time taking notes. It’s also useful for people who prefer short summaries to review meeting content efficiently. Teams or organizations looking for a cost-effective summarization solution can benefit from it. If you use Google Calendar to manage your meetings, FoxyMeets integrates seamlessly with it. You can also provide feedback, report bugs, or suggest new features to make FoxyMeets even better. FoxyMeets is a convenient and efficient way to capture important points and summaries from meetings so you won’t have to take lots of notes.

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