This app, called GAJIX, is a helpful tool that uses artificial intelligence to assist you in learning about different subjects and webpages. It has features that make it easier to understand complex ideas, such as providing summaries and explanations. With just one click, you can load all the topics and subtopics you need to learn a subject in-depth. GAJIX also helps generate questions to deepen your understanding. It’s a great tool for gaining experience and it can be used for any subject like law, biology, computer science, and marketing. Some examples of how this tool can be used are for self-education and personal development, improving productivity while studying, and understanding complex concepts. Another type of AI education tool has a lot of advantages in the education sector. These tools can personalize your learning experience, grade your work automatically, and even offer personalized guidance and support. For example, AI algorithms can analyze your progress and provide learning materials that suit you. AI systems can also grade your work quickly and accurately, giving you instant feedback. Additionally, virtual tutors powered by AI can offer personalized help, making your learning experience even better.

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