Gestualy is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to recognize and analyze different hand gestures that show how customers feel. It can pick up on 500 different gestures that express different emotions.
Here are some key things it can do:
1. Gesture Recognition: Gestualy uses advanced technology to accurately detect and understand different hand gestures that show how customers are feeling.
2. Convenient and Contactless: This tool allows customers to provide feedback without needing to fill out surveys or physically touch anything. This makes it easier for them to participate and give their opinions.
3. Real-Time Feedback: Gestualy gives immediate alerts and notifications to businesses so they can quickly address any issues and make sure customers have a positive experience.
4. Compatible with Different Devices: This tool works on computers with Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems. This means businesses can use it on many different types of devices.
Here are some ways businesses can use Gestualy:
– Retail Stores: Measure how satisfied customers are and get real-time feedback on their shopping experience.n- Restaurants and Hospitality: Find out how happy customers are with the food, service, and overall dining experience.n- Event Venues: See how attendees react and how satisfied they are during conferences, concerts, or other live events.n- Service Providers: Assess customer satisfaction and find areas where improvement is needed in different industries that provide services.
Overall, Gestualy is a great tool for businesses to effortlessly gather customer feedback and measure satisfaction levels.

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