This tool, called GPT95, is an extension for VSCode that uses ChatGPT AI to make coding easier. It has a few key features and benefits. Firstly, it can generate code based on the context of your prompts, which means it understands what you’re trying to do and helps write the code for you. It also optimizes your code by finding and fixing any issues or mistakes, making it easier to read and perform better. Additionally, it can explain complex code to help you understand it better, and even generate documentation automatically.
In terms of pricing, this tool offers different plans for students and developers, including monthly or yearly subscriptions with a free trial period of 3 days. It can be useful for various coding professionals, such as developers who want AI assistance with code generation, debugging, and refactoring, students who want to improve their understanding of complex code, and teams who want to optimize their code for better collaboration.
Overall, GPT95 is a user-friendly and secure tool that uses AI technology to enhance your coding capabilities.

Pricing Model:

Free Trial