This tool, called Hexowatch, uses advanced technology to monitor websites and detect any changes that occur. It has 13 different options for monitoring, such as checking the appearance and content of a website or keeping an eye on its availability and search engine optimization. Users can customize how often they receive updates and how sensitive they want the monitoring to be. They can also choose to be alerted through email, Slack, Telegram, or Zapier. Hexowatch provides detailed reports and archives snapshots of changes to help users analyze them. It also has a cloud archiving feature to securely store website data for legal purposes. The tool can integrate with other applications and has export options like .csv files and Google Sheets. There are many ways to use Hexowatch, such as monitoring competitors, ensuring website performance and availability, optimizing SEO, and tracking customer reviews. This tool gives users the power to stay updated and make informed decisions to improve their online presence and business performance.

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