This app called Inbenta is a versatile tool that uses artificial intelligence to help businesses improve their customer interactions. It has four main features: conversational AI, chatbots, search engines, and more. With this app, businesses can easily create personalized conversations with their customers and employees. The app is powered by Neuro-Symbolic AI, which means it doesn’t require any training to use. It works seamlessly across all communication channels. It has a chatbot feature that can provide personalized answers to customers 24/7. It also has a knowledge feature that gives customers access to FAQs and powerful search tools. The app also has a messenger feature that can help customers complete tasks and manage transactions. Additionally, it has a search feature that guides customers to find the perfect product. There are many benefits to using this app. It enhances the customer experience by increasing engagement and providing accurate answers. It allows businesses to have seamless interactions with customers 24/7. It also offers personalization options and can integrate with other platforms. This app can also help businesses save money by improving productivity and reducing support costs. It also supports employees by answering their daily questions and tasks. Furthermore, it provides valuable insights about customer preferences for marketing purposes. In summary, Inbenta is a powerful and user-friendly tool that businesses can use to improve their customer experience and support processes. It connects with customers in a unique and engaging way, leading to higher satisfaction and engagement levels.

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