So, there’s this tool called Kahuna that helps experts like you make money from your knowledge. It’s a simple platform where you can sell monthly subscriptions to answer people’s questions. Some of the things it can do are generate draft responses using AI, which saves you time, and allows you to focus on giving high-quality answers.
Here are a few ways you can use Kahuna:
1. You can monetize your expertise by offering subscription-based access to your knowledge. People pay a monthly fee to ask you questions and get your expert advice. n2. It can enhance customer satisfaction by providing refined, AI-generated answers. This means you can give better responses and make your subscribers happy. n3. It also helps streamline your workflow by using AI to provide first-draft responses. This saves you time and lets you concentrate on perfecting your answers.
By using this tool, you unlock the potential to make money from your expertise and provide value to your subscribers. AI e-commerce tools in general have lots of advantages for online retail, like personalized recommendations, efficient inventory management, and better customer support. They can be used in different ways, like suggesting products based on customer preferences, predicting demand and restocking, and using chatbots to help customers instantly.
AI social media assistant tools are also really helpful. They can create content, schedule posts, and analyze your performance. For example, AI algorithms can make engaging text, image, and video content for specific audiences, automate the process of posting at the best times, and give insights and recommendations to improve your engagement on social media.

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