Kore.ai is a company that provides a tool called Kore.ai. This tool is designed to help businesses improve their interactions with customers and employees using artificial intelligence (AI). It offers virtual assistants and process assistants specifically tailored to different industries.

One key feature of this tool is Experience Optimization (XO), which combines AI and digital user experience to make interactions with customers and employees seamless. It also offers industry-specific solutions for contact centers, banking, healthcare, commerce, IT support, HR support, and collaborative workspaces.

Another useful feature is SearchAssist, which is a cognitive search solution that can provide conversational support. This tool can be used across various industries and by different professionals. For example, customer service teams can use it to enhance the customer experience, while HR and IT support teams can use it to streamline support for employees. Businesses and organizations in general can also benefit from this tool by improving interactions with both customers and employees using AI technology.

In summary, Kore.ai’s tool is a comprehensive platform that automates interactions and optimizes experiences across multiple industries.

Pricing Model:

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