This tool called Landing AI is leading the way in the Data-Centric AI movement. It helps companies that don’t have a lot of data to still benefit from AI and take their projects from experimental to full-scale. Their main product, LandingLens, makes it easy for anyone to use computer vision.

In the design industry, AI design assistant tools are really helpful. They make things more efficient and speed up the process of creating prototypes. They also let you personalize your designs.

Here are some examples of how these tools can be used: n- Logo creation: The AI algorithms can create logos that are unique and professional, based on what you like and what’s trending in your industry.n- Website design: AI design assistants can help you create websites that look good and are easy for people to use.n- Graphic design: AI tools can generate eye-catching visuals for things like advertisements and social media posts, and make them personalized to your needs.

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