This tool, called Learnly, is an online learning platform that is specifically designed for homeschoolers. It helps make the process of planning, creating, and managing personalized lesson plans and curriculums easier.
One of the main advantages of Learnly is that it allows parents to personalize their children’s learning experience by inputting their interests, abilities, and goals. This helps make learning more engaging and tailored to each child’s unique needs.
Using Learnly, parents can confidently teach their kids while saving a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on lesson planning. This tool also allows for individualized learning, ensuring that each child gets the educational experience that suits them best.
Some example uses of Learnly include streamlining the planning process by creating personalized lesson plans and curriculums, creating engaging learning experiences that cater to each child’s needs, and managing the learning experiences of multiple children all in one place.

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