This tool, called Learnt.ai, is specifically made for teachers and learning professionals to make their work easier and save time. It has a variety of features that are designed for educators, such as tools for lesson planning and assessment creation. These tools are meant to save time by automating tasks. The platform is also user-friendly and easy to use.
Some examples of how this tool can be used include quickly designing courses and writing lesson plans, creating different activities and assessments, and automating tasks like lesson planning and assessment creation.
This tool also has AI education assistant tools that provide benefits in education, such as personalized learning, automated grading, and intelligent tutoring. Personalized learning means that the tool can analyze each student’s progress and provide learning materials suited to their needs. Automated grading allows for quick and accurate evaluation of student work with instant feedback. Intelligent tutoring provides personalized guidance and support to students, making their learning experience better.

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