This tool I want to talk about is called LinklessGPT. It’s a Chrome extension that gives you a summary of a link without actually clicking on it. It’s pretty cool because when you install this tool and use your OpenAI key, you can easily get information about any link on the internet without leaving the page you’re on.
Here are some key things this tool can do:n- It generates summaries of linked content without making you click on the links.n- It uses OpenAI to make these summaries concise and easy to understand.n- You only need to make a one-time purchase to get lifetime access to this tool, so there are no monthly fees.n- It works as an extension for Google Chrome, so it’s easy to install and use.n- You’ll receive the extension via email, making the setup process straightforward.
Now let’s talk about some ways you can use this tool:n- You can quickly gather information from links without having to click on each one.n- It makes your browsing experience smoother by giving you link summaries directly on the page you’re currently on.n- You can stay focused on your main task while still benefiting from the information in linked content.n- It helps you become more efficient in gathering information and doing research on the internet.
In summary, LinklessGPT is a tool that enhances your browsing experience by providing link summaries without the need to click on individual links.

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