This tool, called Maket, is a software that uses artificial intelligence to help architects, builders, and developers create architectural plans quickly. It has some key features and benefits.
Firstly, it uses AI to generate thousands of floor plans based on specific needs and constraints. This means it can create designs that fit the requirements of the project.
It also helps users understand project constraints. For example, users can select the size and shape of the land, the building, and even specify how rooms should be arranged next to each other.
With this tool, users can instantly generate and test early-stage concepts, and visualize them in 3D. This can be helpful to see how the design will look and make any necessary adjustments.
Another advantage is that it allows for real-time collaboration and has a simple interface. This means that multiple people can work together on the design at the same time, making it easier to collaborate and get feedback. Additionally, it can export the designs in PDF and PNG formats, making it easy to share and present the plans.
This tool is useful for a variety of professionals. Architects, builders, and developers can benefit from its efficient and AI-powered design solutions. Design teams looking for a collaborative and easy-to-use tool for generating architectural plans will also find it helpful. Small and large businesses that want to optimize their design process with an affordable solution can also benefit from using this tool.

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