This app called Meetgeek is a useful tool that helps make meetings more valuable. It does this by automatically recording, summarizing, and sharing the important points of the meeting with teams. It has features like real-time transcription and closed-captioning, so you can easily follow along during the meeting. It also records the meeting, creates transcripts, and allows you to search for keywords in them. Meetgeek even provides tailored tips and AI-based notes to help you get the most out of your meetings.

This tool can integrate with other popular tools like Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, task management platforms, document repositories, and collaboration tools. It also supports multiple languages and can conveniently send meeting summaries directly to your email inbox.

Using AI summarizer tools like Meetgeek comes with several benefits. It saves time by quickly generating concise summaries of long articles or documents, making it easier for you to understand the information. It improves comprehension by providing clear and concise takeaways from meeting discussions. And it helps researchers in academic studies by enabling them to quickly grasp large amounts of literature, allowing them to make faster progress.

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