NeuralBox is a helpful tool that uses artificial intelligence to assist people in saving anything they discover or find valuable. With this app, you can save a variety of items including receipts, screenshots, documents, clothing, and product packaging.
This tool offers several features to make saving items easier. For instance, it has a convenient lock screen widget that allows you to quickly add items without unlocking your device. It can also automatically import screenshots, making it effortless to save important information from your screen.
NeuralBox also includes an AI image search function, which means you can easily find specific items by searching for keywords related to their visual appearance. Additionally, it has the ability to search for text in images using OCR technology.
If you have similar images and want to browse through them, this tool provides an AI-powered browsing feature that shows you visually similar items you have saved.
Moreover, NeuralBox has a document scanning mode that enables you to capture clear images of documents for storage.
One of the advantages of this tool is its efficient storage options. It allows you to save numerous images without worrying about running out of space, utilizing both on-device and cloud storage capabilities.

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