Norby AI


This tool, called Norby AI, is an AI chatbot that can help businesses in different industries provide customer care that feels like talking to a real person. It can be used by online stores, healthcare companies, crypto businesses, and fintech companies.nnHere are some special features and benefits of using Norby AI:nn- It has tools to encourage customers to buy more and recover abandoned shopping carts, which can help increase sales.n- It can integrate with Cookiebot to personalize content on websites, analyze website traffic, and prevent hacking attempts.n- It can track how visitors behave on a website, this data can be used to make ads more relevant and improve the website.nnNorby AI can be used for various customer care needs, such as:nn- Online stores that want to provide better customer experiences and make more sales.n- Healthcare, crypto, and fintech businesses that want to offer customer support that feels natural and helpful.n- Website owners who want to personalize content and ads, and learn more about how visitors interact with their website.nnYou can try Norby AI for free for 30 days. It’s easy to use and it can improve customer experiences and help businesses grow.

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