Novable is a special tool called an AI-powered innovation scouting platform. It uses advanced technology to help companies discover and connect with new and promising startups. This tool is great for companies looking to find innovative ideas and stay ahead in their industries.

Here are some key features of Novable:n- AI-Powered Scouting: Novable uses special technology called DeepMatching™ to efficiently search for startups and innovations.n- Professional Scouting and Validation: The platform provides expert support in scouting, validating, and engaging with startup companies.n- Vast Contextual Network: Novable gives access to a big network of millions of innovative companies from different countries and topics.n- Natural Language Search: Companies can easily search for startups in plain language, which makes the process user-friendly.n- Time-Saving Efficiency: Novable filters out irrelevant information and provides personalized results, saving companies time.n- High Satisfaction Rate: Many innovation professionals trust Novable, with a satisfaction rate of 97%.n- Resources for Inspiration: Novable offers valuable resources like client stories, an e-book, and a blog to keep companies inspired and up-to-date.

Here are some ways companies can use Novable:n- Startup Scouting: Companies can use Novable to find and connect with the most promising startups.n- Innovation Research: Novable helps companies conduct thorough research on innovation, enabling them to stay ahead in their industries.

Using Novable, companies can explore, discover, and connect with tomorrow’s innovations. This tool provides many benefits for new businesses, including cost reduction, increased efficiency, and scalability. Some specific uses for AI startup tools like Novable include analyzing the market, understanding the target audience, and making data-driven decisions for sales strategies.

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