OpalAi is an amazing tool that lets you use special cameras to scan big spaces and make really accurate drawing of the floors, 3D models, and pictures. You can easily do all this by using the OpalAi app, which is very easy to use. The app lets you even add colors and textures to make the pictures look even better. You can also make changes and measure things right on your device, and it will give you instant feedback. When you’re done, you can share your work in different formats depending on what you need. OpalAi also uses special AI algorithms to make sure everything is super accurate, and it can do the job really well without making many mistakes.
OpalAi is great for people in the real estate business who want to make precise floor plans and 3D pictures for showing properties to buyers and for advertising. It’s also really helpful for construction companies who need to plan their projects and keep good records. Even remodeling and interior design professionals can use OpalAi to measure spaces and make nice pictures. Architects and engineers will also find it helpful for making good plans and models for their projects.
Overall, OpalAi is a powerful tool that helps you scan big areas with special cameras and makes really good drawings and pictures. It’s especially useful for people in real estate, construction, remodeling, interior design, and architecture.

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