This app called Opinionate is the perfect tool for people who want to get better at debating, solve arguments by using logic and fairness, and broaden their viewpoints.
Here are some key features of this app:n1. Logical Argument Generation: This app uses advanced technology to come up with logical arguments for any debate topic. It helps users express their ideas clearly and convincingly.n2. Steelman Arguments: Opinionate allows users to build the strongest versions of their opponent’s arguments, known as steelman arguments. This feature promotes understanding, empathy, and well-rounded debates.n3. Debate Settlement: By providing logical arguments for all sides of a debate, Opinionate helps settle contentious discussions with fairness and objectivity.n4. Idea Challenge: Through steelman arguments and logical counterpoints, this app gives users the opportunity to challenge their own ideas and expand their perspectives.
Some ways you can use this app include:n- Improving your debate skills for formal debates or casual discussions.n- Resolving disputes or disagreements in a fair and unbiased manner.n- Challenging your own ideas and promoting intellectual growth.
Whether you’re an experienced debater or someone who enjoys intellectual discussions, Opinionate can take your argumentative abilities to new heights.

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