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This tool called Customer-Led Conversational Assistants by Cookiebot is a helpful tool for businesses. It uses AI technology to provide customer service without human agents, so it can help answer calls 24/7. Some of its features and advantages are that it can answer calls right away, it personalizes content and ads based on user preferences using cookies, it collects visitor data for insights using Google Analytics, and it can track visitors and show them relevant ads on other websites using marketing cookies.

This tool is useful for different types of businesses. For example, e-commerce businesses can use it to provide quick customer support for any questions or problems. Online services can use it to show tailored content and ads, which can make the user experience better. Marketing teams can also benefit from this tool by getting insights into what visitors are doing on their website and what they like, so they can create targeted campaigns.

Overall, Customer-Led Conversational Assistants powered by Cookiebot is a great tool that improves customer service and user experience by using AI technology and personalizing the content.

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