Praxy AI


Praxy is a special tool designed to help college students study better and be more productive. It has some really cool features that can make studying easier. For example, with this tool, you can highlight important information on web pages and then do different things with it, like search for more information, summarize it, or even make quizzes. It also has a chat feature where you can talk to an AI tutor who can help you with your homework or prepare for exams. Another great feature is AI notes, which help you stay organized during online study sessions. It can collect all your highlights, add links to the sources, and even create summaries or essays. Praxy can also be used to get personalized tutoring and support. It’s like having your own virtual assistant to help you learn. These kinds of tools are really useful in education because they can personalize your learning experience, grade your work automatically, and provide helpful guidance. They are great for things like adjusting the learning materials to fit your needs, giving you immediate feedback on your assignments, and providing personalized support and advice from virtual tutors.

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