This tool, called Procys, uses artificial intelligence to make the billing process easier for businesses. It can extract and organize data from different types of invoices, like PDFs and scanned images. It can work with different storage platforms, email, and other software systems. It also learns from its mistakes to get better at extracting data accurately. It can also work well with other popular software systems and can integrate with Microsoft Business Central, Twinfield, Quickbooks, Zapier, and Holded.

This tool is great for businesses that want to automate and simplify their invoice processing. This can be useful for accounting and finance teams who want to save time and reduce errors in entering data. It can also benefit small to large enterprises looking to improve their efficiency. Additionally, organizations that want to connect their invoice processes with existing ERP systems can find this tool helpful. Many companies, such as Globiq, Openprovider, and Tweecore, have trusted and used Procys. You can even try it out for free to see if it works well for your business.

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