This tool, called RadioGPT, is made by Futuri Media. It uses advanced AI technology called GPT-3 along with Futuri’s special story discovery and social content system called TopicPulse. Basically, this tool helps radio stations by providing localized content like updates on what’s happening in real-time, creating new content, posting on social media, giving weather and traffic updates, and even using AI voices to host shows. Some key features of this tool include creating relevant content based on the station’s music logs and local market, posting on social media to engage with listeners, giving real-time weather and traffic information, integrating with Futuri Streaming to make the radio experience better, and using AI voices for hosting shows. This tool can be used in different ways like improving content creation and audience engagement for radio stations, simplifying social media management, personalizing show hosting, and keeping listeners informed with real-time updates. It’s a comprehensive tool that helps radio stations deliver great content and connect with their audience on different platforms.
In addition to RadioGPT, there are other AI audio editing tools available. These tools have many benefits such as reducing unwanted noise in audio, creating synthetic voices, and automatically transcribing spoken words into text. You can use these tools in various situations like editing podcasts to improve sound quality, creating voiceovers in different languages and accents, and easily creating subtitles or transcripts by converting speech into text.

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