Rosebud is a helpful tool that uses artificial intelligence to assist you in writing a daily journal. It acts like a mentor who understands you well and always has your best interests in mind. nnAfter you write an entry, Rosebud summarizes and reflects on it, providing you with valuable insights that align with your own wisdom and make you feel understood. It also helps you set meaningful goals, gives weekly summaries, and offers personalized prompts to keep you on track. nnYou can easily access Rosebud on your Android, iPhone, Mac, or Windows devices by adding it to your home screen. There is a free version available, but for $4.99 per month, you can unlock advanced features such as voice transcription, personality insights, and long-term memory capabilities.nnMany users of Rosebud have reported significant personal growth, improved mental clarity, and increased life satisfaction after journaling over 3 million words. nnIf you’re interested, you can try Rosebud for free by visiting this link: [link to the website].

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