This tool, called Rosebud, is an app that uses artificial intelligence to provide feedback and guidance while you write in your journal. It’s like having a conversation with a mentor who understands you and has your best interests in mind.nnWhenever you write an entry in your journal, Rosebud summarizes it and reflects back key insights to you. It helps you feel understood by mirroring your own wisdom. Rosebud also assists you in identifying meaningful goals, provides weekly summaries, and gives you personalized prompts to keep you motivated.nnTo access Rosebud, you can add it directly to your Android, iPhone, Mac, or Windows home screen. It’s a free web application. However, for $4.99 per month, you can unlock advanced features like voice transcription, personality insights, and long-term memory.nnRosebud has already helped users journal over 3 million words. People who use Rosebud have reported significant personal growth, improved mental clarity, and increased life satisfaction.nnIf you’d like to try Rosebud for free, you can visit their website: [link to the website].

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