This tool, called Shmooz AI, is a chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to improve communication for businesses and their customers. It can be integrated with WhatsApp, a messaging app, and offers several helpful features.nnOne of its key features is that it is available 24/7, meaning it can provide assistance and answer questions at any time. It also provides personalized responses, meaning it tailors its answers to each individual customer based on their specific inquiries. This makes the communication more efficient and helpful.nnThe tool also uses natural language processing, which means it can understand and respond effectively to messages written in a natural way. It can even generate AI-powered photos if you start messages with a specific keyword. Additionally, it has an integration with Google search, so you can conduct searches directly within the chat.nnThere are multiple pricing plans available, including a free trial, personal plan, and business plan. This allows businesses to choose an option that best suits their needs and budgets.nnShmooz AI can be used in various ways. It can enhance customer support systems by providing personalized and prompt responses. It can also optimize business communication by integrating an AI-powered chatbot into WhatsApp. It improves response times and handles a wide range of customer queries effectively. Additionally, it can generate AI photos and conduct Google searches seamlessly within the chatbot.nnIn summary, Shmooz AI is a remarkable tool that uses AI technology to revolutionize customer support and business communication through a chatbot on WhatsApp.

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