This tool, called Sketch, is designed to help pandas users write code more easily and accurately. It is an AI assistant that uses data sketches to quickly understand the context of your data and provide helpful suggestions. nnOne of the main advantages of Sketch is its efficiency. It uses data sketches to summarize your data quickly and then uses that information to make suggestions. It is also very easy to use, as it can be used in seconds without needing to install a plugin in your IDE.nnAnother key feature of Sketch is its ability to understand the context of your data. This means that it can provide code-writing suggestions that are more relevant to your specific dataset. nnSketch also provides additional context by summarizing columns and presenting summary statistics. This additional information can be used by the code-writing prompt to make more informed suggestions.nnIn the future, Sketch plans to further improve by directly using custom-made Use cases. nnSome examples of how Sketch can be used include: nn1. Improving the efficiency and accuracy of code writing for pandas users.n2. Streamlining the process of data analysis and manipulation.n3. Enhancing the ability to draw insights from data through more accurate and relevant code-writing suggestions.

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