Smudge is a helpful tool that can assist you with choosing, converting, organizing, and sharing different colors for your projects. It is available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices.
Here are some key features of this tool:n- Color selection and conversion: You can choose colors using the color picker or by entering specific values, and then convert them to different formats like HEX, RGB, and Swift codes.n- Color organization: You have the ability to group colors into palettes, give them names, and add notes for easier management and reference.n- Collaboration and sharing: You can share your color palettes with other team members, set permissions, and effectively work together on selecting colors.n- Image-based color selection: This tool allows you to select colors directly from images to ensure accurate color matching.n- AI color extraction: With the help of AI, you can generate color palettes based on objects, scenes, or other elements.
Here are some use cases for this tool:n- Web and app development: Smudge can help simplify the process of choosing and organizing colors for websites and applications.n- Graphic design: It makes it easy to manage and share color palettes for graphic design projects.n- Collaborative design teams: This tool enables seamless collaboration and coordination of colors among team members.
Whether you are a developer, designer, or part of a design team, Smudge offers a user-friendly and efficient solution for working with colors.

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