This tool, called SQLtroughAI, is really helpful for generating complex SQL queries quickly and easily. Even if you’re not an expert in technology, you can still use this tool to write complicated SQL queries in just seconds. It works with different types of databases like MySQL, Mongo DB, and Oracle PL SQL. You can also upload data from Excel or CSV files or manually add columns to create your own database easily. The best part is that it saves you a lot of time and effort by generating queries quickly and accurately.
The tool also has a user-friendly interface so you can easily navigate and use it, even if you’re not very technical. You can try it out for free before deciding if you want to subscribe.
This tool is especially useful for business analysts and data analysts who need to generate SQL queries efficiently and accurately. It can also help non-technical individuals who struggle with complex SQL queries. And for anyone who wants to make their SQL workflow faster and save time on query writing, this tool is perfect.
SQLtroughAI is powered by artificial intelligence, which makes it really advanced. It can even optimize your queries automatically, predict analytics, and create visual representations of your data. This can be really helpful for things like improving the performance of your queries, detecting unusual patterns or outliers in your data, and making it easier to understand complex data through visualizations.

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