This Strides AI technology tool checks social media every day to find new people who follow you and figure out their email addresses. It uses fancy computer programs to study social media accounts and get the email addresses of the newest followers. This helps you send important emails to the right people. The tool also uses different methods to figure out if an account is fake or not, like looking at how the account behaves, where it’s located, who it’s connected to, and what it says. This helps make sure the information you get is reliable and accurate.nnAI social media assistant tools have a bunch of good features like making content, planning when to post, and understanding how well your posts are doing. They can be used for lots of different things, like making interesting text, pictures, and videos that match the people you want to talk to. They can also help you pick good times to post things and handle the technical stuff. And they can study the information about your social media posts to give you advice on how to get more people interested.

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