Swell AI


This tool, called Swell AI, is designed to help podcasters create written content for their episodes more easily. It uses artificial intelligence to generate show notes, articles, social media posts, transcripts, summaries, titles, and LinkedIn posts, among other things. nnTo use Swell AI, podcasters simply upload their episodes to the tool. Then, the AI writer analyzes the episode and creates written content based on the episode’s content. Users can then review, edit, and publish this content on different platforms. nnSwell AI can be integrated with various podcast production workflows, and it offers different pricing plans for hobbyists, professionals, and businesses. One of its features is the ability to connect RSS feeds and automatically generate articles for all the episodes in a podcaster’s back-catalog. Additionally, users can use the tool’s ChatGPT interface, which is powered by OpenAI’s language model. This feature allows users to write tweets, LinkedIn posts, email newsletters, and other content based on the uploaded podcast episode.

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