Introducing UseChat, a user-friendly tool that allows you to add a ChatGPT chatbot to your website or app, even on mobile platforms. By simply clicking a button, UseChat will scan your website (supporting up to 10,000 webpages) and equip a ChatGPT chatbot with all the necessary information.
Key Features:n1. Powered by ChatGPT: Deploy a customized chatbot on your platform that takes advantage of ChatGPT’s advanced AI capabilities.n2. Engage Visitors: Instantly provide answers to user questions with a chatbot that understands your website and products deeply.n3. Supports Large Websites: UseChat is designed to handle even the largest websites with thousands of pages, ensuring scalability and speed.n4. Real-Time Conversation Tracking: Watch how your visitors interact with the chatbot in real-time and access past conversations for reference.n5. Custom Welcome Message: Make your chatbot’s welcome message unique to create a personalized experience. You can also customize the prompt further.n6. Your Branding and Styling: Personalize the chatbot icon, colors, and theme to match your brand (coming soon).
Use Cases:n1. Engage Visitors: Keep your visitors engaged by providing instant responses to their queries.n2. Save Resources and Time: Automate your support system to save resources and time.n3. Analyze User Interactions: Gain insights and make improvements by analyzing user interactions.
UseChat is the ideal solution for incorporating an AI-powered chatbot into your website or app. Enhance user engagement and create a seamless experience with UseChat! AI customer support tools offer various benefits, such as faster response times, reduced operational costs, and improved customer satisfaction. Common use cases include using chatbots to handle routine customer inquiries, analyzing customer feedback with sentiment analysis, and providing personalized support based on customer data.

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