Vidby is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to help you translate and add voice-overs to videos. It offers different options like translating and dubbing, adding subtitles with translation, or just adding original subtitles. You can choose from different quality levels and customize the audio track to fit your project. It also allows you to collaborate with your team to manage and complete projects. You can control pronunciation, translation quality, and speed with specialized functions. nnThis tool is great for translating and dubbing videos for global audiences, adding accurate subtitles in multiple languages, optimizing audio tracks and voice-overs, and collaborating with your team on video translation projects. With Vidby, creating high-quality, multilingual video content is easy. nnAI video editing tools have many benefits, such as automated editing, enhanced visual effects, and time-saving workflows. They can automatically make cuts or edits in videos based on specific criteria, improve visual effects by generating realistic animations, remove backgrounds, and adjust colors. AI can also analyze long videos and create shorter, summarized versions that highlight key moments.

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