This tool, called, uses artificial intelligence to help you create cover letters for job applications in a simple way. It has some special features and benefits that make it really useful. You can generate personalized cover letters in less than 10 minutes. It can also connect with your LinkedIn profile to customize the cover letters based on your work experience. The tool also gives you a score to make sure your cover letter is original and not copied. You can edit the cover letters in Google Docs before submitting them. The tool even provides example cover letters to help you in the writing process. It is great for different types of job seekers, like professionals who want to make their job application process easier, recent graduates who need help in writing good cover letters, and people who are changing careers and want to make cover letters specifically tailored for new industries. Overall, is a user-friendly tool that helps you create unique and personalized cover letters without needing to learn about artificial intelligence.

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