This tool, called ZeroGPT, is really good at figuring out if a text was written by a person or by AI. It uses fancy computer techniques to do this. Here are some key things it can do:
– Detect AI-generated text: It can tell if a text was written by a computer or a human by using special methods and language processing.n- Trained on lots of examples: It learned from a big set of texts that includes both AI-generated and human-written ones.n- Gives accurate results: It can tell you the percentage of a text that was written by a person or by AI, and it’s usually right.n- Works fast: It doesn’t make you wait long for the results.n- Supports many languages: It can understand texts in different languages, so it’s helpful for detecting AI-generated text in any language.n- Works with different models: It can figure out if a text was made by different AI models, like GPT-4, GPT-3, GPT-2, LLaMA, Google Bard, and more.n- Very accurate: Lots of people trust it because it’s right almost all the time, with an accuracy rate of 98% or higher.
Lots of different people and organizations can use this tool. For example:
– People who check online content: They can use it to find texts that were made by AI and not by people. This helps to stop spreading misinformation or spam.n- Researchers and journalists: They can use it to study AI-generated texts and how they affect different areas.n- People who want to understand AI-generated content: They can use it to know how much AI is used in online discussions and platforms.
ZeroGPT is really helpful for finding AI-generated text. It helps people know if a text was made by a computer or a human, and it’s very good at it.

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