Turnitin offers a variety of tools for educators, researchers, and publishers to help with academic integrity, grading, and original thinking. nnFor example, they have a tool called “,Contact for Pricing,https://img.taskitude.com/ai_images/turnitin.jpg,https://aiworldtools.com/out/turnitin,Education Assistant,3568,Yes Shakio,API proxy for you development environments.,Imagine you have this tool called Sharkio. It’s specifically designed for developers to make their work easier. This tool records all the requests you make to your API (which is like a way for different software to communicate with each other) and gives you a bunch of useful features to help you work better.nnHere are some of the cool things Sharkio can do:nn- It records all the requests you make to your API

Pricing Model:

so you can see all the data that's being sent back and forth. This helps you analyze and understand what's going on.n- You can replay the recorded requests whenever you want. This is helpful for testing and debugging your API